01 December 2005

So it begins.....

Hey, yeah. erm........

Decided I might actually try and keep a blog online now, it would appear all the big boys and girls are doing it and I feel left out :(

For some reason I woke up at 02:45 this morning, I'm now hanging around (silently) in my room waiting for 06:00 - when I have to go to work. So I'll absolutely knackered all day now, which should be fun. I've actually already dialed in and checked my e-mails (truly tragic stuff), it looks like it's gonna be a pretty quiet day after all :)

So hopefully I'll try and keep this up-to-date with the inane, endless string of events that is my life! Just thinking of all the people, nations even who will benefit from my unparalleled wisdom makes me very light-headed indeed

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